About the school

The Middle School No. 42 (Gimnazjum Nr 42) is situated in the centre of Warsaw, near the Warsaw Central Railway Station and the Palace of Culture and Science.
It is situated in the area of the pre-war Jewish district (Ghetto). There are also the Synagogue and the Jewish Theatre nearby.

The school has existed since the introduction of the Education Reform in the year 1999. The students are between 13 and 16 years old.

Our School is the Bilingual Middle School.There are two bilingual Polish/English forms in each year, with five English lessons weekly. Teachers in bilingual classes complete the curriculum in Polish and introduce English terminology of their subject.

Students of biblingual classes enter English Drama Competitions each year and are awarded high prizes for their performance. They often go to London on the school trips.

Our school offers a wide range of extracurricular classes and activities to enable students to develop their skills and talents. We go out to the cinema and theatre. The first year students go on class integration trips in September.

The Middle School No. 42 is famous for great achievements of its students in various competitions, particularly in Maths, Physics and German.

English-Polish Exchangeukryj

There have been two exchanges so far:
in the school year 2008/2009

May 2009
Poland, Warsaw - Oudenaarde, Belgium, Sint-Bernarduscollege
hosts: Dorota Zieba and Maria Medzrzycka (form teacher)
guests: Lutgart van den Abeele, Ellen Vanhooren
Class 2B from our school (22 students) and 20 Begians

The programme included:
- Warsaw - quiz "What do you know about Warsaw?" doen by mixed Polish-Belgian teams
- visiting The Museum of Warsaw Uprising (Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego), Wilanow Park, Lazienki Park, The Palace of Culture and Science (panorama), Fryderyk Chopin s traces in Warsaw, The University Library and its sorroundings - a picnic,
- lessons: looking for information about the common historical moments (focus on the 2nd World War) on the Internet, students presentations about cultural differences between our two countries,
- evening events: bowling, cinema, concerts, theatres, shopping centres

October 2009
Belgium, Oudenaarde - Warszawa, Poland
hosts: Lee De Feyter, Lutgart van den Abeele, Ellen Vanhooren
guests: Dorota Zieba i Maria Medzrycka
Begian group and Class 3B

The programme included:
- visiting the school campus,
- IT lessons, Dutch lessons, games: football, handball
- walking round Oudenaarde, Ghent, Brussels,
- evening events: bowling, cinema, parties, concerts, football matches

the school year 2010/2011

February 2011
Belgium, Oudenaarde, Sint-Bernarduscollege - Warszawa, Poland
Hosts: Kjell van der Walle, Koen Verhaeghen
Guests: Dorota Zieba, Joanna Nowak
Class 2C and 18 Belgian students

- visiting Oudenaarde, Musuems and school campus
- going round Ghent, Brussels
- a bicycle trip
- visiting places of battles of the 1st World War and the Museum,
- evenings: bowling, cinema, visiting small towns around Oudenaarde
- Dutch lessons, biology in English, IT lesson
- football matches
May 2011
Poland, Warsaw - Belgium, Oudenaarde
hosts: Dorota Zieba, Joanna Nowak
guests: Kjell van der Walle, Koen Verhaeghe
Class 2c and 20 Belgians

- sighteeing in Warsaw, walking in Lazienki Park, Wilanow,
- visiting Museums: Warsaw Uprising, Chopin s and Kopernik Science Centre, also The University Library and Gardens,
- Picnic in Wilanow (with a fire)
- a trip to Torun: The Old Town, Astronomic Observatory,Planetarium.
- evenings: concerts, bowling, shopping
- IT lessons, quiz: "What do you know about Poland/Belgium?", Polish for foreigners, football games and computer games in groups.

In the school year 2011/2012

May/June 2012
Warsaw - London
hosts: families from England
guests: Maria Paprocka, Joanna Nowak
Class 2F from our school

The programme included:

In May, during the “trip week” 2f form (following the extended programme of the English language) went to London for 7 days. We got to London on Tuesday before 2 p.m. Our sightseeing started from the walk around Westminster – second after The City most important district of London, with the British Parliament and its famous clock Tower named Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. Then we had a chance to admire the breath-taking panorama of London from the top of the world’s largest Ferris wheel – the London Eye. After that, we went on a cruise along the River Thames. The ship took us to our destination, the district of Woolwich, where we were awaited by English families, our hosts. Each family hosted from 2 to 4 students. Everyday, after family breakfast they took us to our meeting place and in the evenings they came there to pick us up. In the evenings, we could enjoy dinner with our hosts during which we could talk to them in English. Some of us also had a chance to meet other family members of the hosting family or even go shopping with hosts, watch TV with them or play with their kids. Everyday, before leaving we also got a typical packed lunch to eat during the day.

Successive days took us to the following places: Cambridge – one of the world’s most famous education centres where we could walk around the university and swim on punts (special boats) driven by students at Cambridge who, in Queen’s English, answered our questions and told us about the university; Windsor with the royal castle, Eton with its famous secondary school for boys and, last but not least, Hampton Court, which in the 16th century was the residence of King Henry VIII. We spent entire Friday doing famous London’s museums – The Natural History Museum, The British Museum and Tate Modern. Before going to Tate, we went shopping to one of the most famous shopping streets in the world – Oxford Street! On Saturday morning, having eaten the last breakfast with and saying goodbye to our English families, we visited The Globe, the Shakespearean theatre, where at that moment the Shakespearean festival was taking place. After leaving the theatre, we went back by underground to Woolwich from where our coach took us to Canterbury, the seat of the archbishopric of the Anglican church. Having visited the Cathedral, we set out on our journey home.
The trip was unforgettable. Staying with English families, we had an opportunity to have conversations with native speakers of English, take part in everyday life of typical English families as well as visit places which witnessed the history of the world.
May/June 2012
Warsaw - London
hosts: families from England
guests: Joanna Redak, Paulina Batorzyńska, Tomasz Panasiak
Class 2C from our school

The programme included:

The trip of the classes 2c and 2f to London took place in days 28.05 - 03.06. Travel agents Atas ensured this excursion. Pupils lived with English families thanks to what they could recognize nearer British culture, language and the cuisine.

They also had an opportunity to visited city. When students see the capital they moved by complicated underground. They could admired the panorama from London Eye and many famous object like Big Ben or Westminster Abby. They also visited museums like Madame Tussaud’s, which made the greatest impression.
Pupils had a chance to know others English cities, like Windsor, Brighton and Oxford.

the school year 2014/2015

4-10.10.2015r. - class 3c
Gimnazjum Dwujęzyczne nr 42 imienia Bohaterek Powstania WarszawskiegoWarszawa, Poland – Sint-Bernarduscollege, Oudenaarde, Belgium
Hosts: Agnes Vandenbogaerde and Lieselotte Callens
Guests: Ewa Gnys-Malinowska and Dorota Zięba
Class 2C (25 Students) and 23 Belgian Students
Programme: - Belgian culture in a box, Lesson Dutch-Polish, Teambuilding,
- Walk through the centre of Ghent, visiting Lamb of God,
- Photo hunt in Oudenaarde,
- A walk through the forest Bos t’Ename, Museum of Oudenaarde,
- Visiting Europarliment, Guided walk through Brussels.
Evening Events: - Lasershooting,
- Bowling,
- Parties,
- Concerts,
- Football matches.

the school year 2015/2016

Between 22 and 28 September class 2c took part in the first part of the Polish-Dutch students’ exchange with a school in Nijmegen, the oldest city in Holland. This was our first visit to this school and certainly not the last one!

We started our stay in Holland by visiting the hosting school – The Kandinsky College. We were impressed by the school – it has over 1,500 students and an excellent sports and technical facilities.

On the second day we went on a cheese farm in Wijchen. This is a small family-run manufacture producing cheese and dairy products. During our visit to this amazing place we could taste the local products – delicious cheese and yoghurts.

The next three days were taken up by workshops with The Young Americans – the first American group to combine choreography and choral singing in their performances. They tour the world to organize workshops for students and their stay in Nijmegen was a part of the international tournee Music Outreach Tours. The three-day workshops were crowned with a common performance for parents. Polish students virtually stole the show by taking all the most important parts.

After the show came Sunday – a family day. Polish students spent the whole day with their Dutch families who prepared lots of attractions – going out to the cinema, a swimming pool, or another Dutch city like the Hague.

We spent the last day in Amsterdam. We had a canal cruise around the Old Town and then walked through old streets of Amsterdam to reach the Rijksmuseum where we could admire the masterpieces of Dutch painters, among others The Night Watch by Rembrandt.

After that, we took some pictures at the famous Iamsterdam sign and set out for the Schiphol Airport to catch a plane to Warsaw.

Polish-Dutch students’ exchange, October 2015

Our exchange took place in Oss, Netherlands. We arrived on Friday, October 2, 2015 and spent the weekend with our host families. On Monday, we went, or rather rode bikes to school. We had a few interesting classes, for example a history class on the Market Garden operation and a geography class on Holland’s geographical characteristics. We also had a chance to learn some facts about the Dutch lifestyle and mentality.

On Tuesday, we went to Nejmegen where we visited MuZIEum, a place designed to discover the world of a blind person. After that we had a lot of fun rock climbing on a wall in Grip Klimcentrum.

On the next day, we visited the town of Hertogenbosch where we went sightseeing and took a cruise through the canals.

On Thursday, we went to Amsterdam. First, we visited Nemo, the Dutch science centre, with a lot of interesting exhibitions. After that, we went to The Van Gogh Muzeum to see and admire the artists’ paintings.

Finally, we spent Friday morning at the swimming pool. Afterwards, we had to say tearful goodbyes at the airport. Our class really liked the trip to Holland. We learned many things about their traditions, habits, and lifestyles. I think that each and everyone of us would like to go again. We are eagerly anticipating our new Dutch friends upcoming visit to Poland.

Polish-Belgian students’ exchange, February 2016

On February 15 (Monday), we took a plane to Belgium for our exchange. At the airport in Belgium we met our matches, with whom we went to Oudenaarde. Then we went to their homes and got to know their families.

On Tuesday we had some activities at school. These were not regular lessons, but games aimed at knowing each other better. We had to talk only in English. Later we were shown around their school and had an opportunity to eat Belgian school dinner. Finally, we toured Oudenaarde and the local museum. Afterwards, we had the time off. Some of us met with acquaintances, some spent time only with their matches.

Next day we started with sports activities. Then we heard a concert about the evolution of pop music. We also had some leisure time and at 5pm we were back at school to cook supper together.

On Thursday was a trip to Ghent. We were given cards with tasks that we had to do. It was some kind of a field game.

Next day we visited Bruges where we went to the museum and toured the town.

On Saturday we were in Ostend. We walked around the town and saw The North Sea.

Sunday was a ‘Family Day’. Only at 6pm we had a farewell party in the school. There were displayed photos taken during our stay in Belgium. In the meeting took part entire families that hosted us. They brought some food.

On the last day we made a couple of posters referring to the exchange. On the way to the airport we visited the town of Mons. It’s a small town and most of shops there were closed. The very end of the day saw our goodbye at the airport and flight to Poland.

We came back at a really late hour. I could do almost everything if I could come back to Belgium. It was one of the best weeks of my life.

The school year 2016/2017

Italian-Polish Exchange 2c

Class 2c was in Italy in October 2016. From 16th to 22nd October we took part in a lot of interesting activities. We visited famous places e.g. Verona and Venice. We also looked around Adria - the beautiful town we stayed in. We will always remember the great time we spent there and the amazing friends we met. We are looking forward to their visit in Poland in spring 2017.

The school year 2016/2017

Poland- Italy exchange class 2c

On 28th March we met our Italian friends again. We had some activities and games at school and in the evening we all went home. The next days were full of attractions. We visited the Copernicus Science Centre, Łazienki Park, we were on the 32nd floor of the Palace of Culture and we went to the Museum of Warsaw Uprising. We even went to Cracow for two days. There, we visited the most famous places like the Royal Castle or the Salt Mine in Wieliczka and we took a photo with the dragon blowing fire! We had a lot of fun playing the city- game in the streets of Warsaw. At the end of our exchange, which ended on 3rd April, we went bowling and enjoyed our time together. We will always remember the fantastic moments we spent with our friends.

English Theatre Club

All students in our school (not only those from Polish-English classes) have an opportunity to participate in English Theatre Club classes.
The Club was founded in 2008 by Mrs Anna Korzeb, an English teacher from our school. Although the history of our English Theatre Club is not very long, we can boast of some significant successes.
In 2009 our first performance entitled “A Night Out” was awarded a special honourable mention during The Fifth Cracow Festival of School Theatres in English. The festival was organized by the August Witkowski Fifth Secondary School in Cracow. The fact that is really worth mentioning is that we were the only group from a junior high school which took part in this event (and not a secondary school as the other groups). What is more, our performance made a really big impression on the jury, and as a result we won some attractive prizes (such as dictionaries, English books, English maps).

The second big success came in 2011. We did our best to prepare a performance called “Little Red Riding Hood – the Unknown Story”. This time we concentrated on a festival which is only for junior high schools – it was The Tenth Annual Festival of School Theatres in English.
This event is held under the honorary patronage of the British Consul in Poland, and the Ambassador of the United States of America. Other institutions which take this festival under their wings are: Education Office in Łódź, the Centre of Teachers’ Training and Practical Education in Łódź. We went to Łódź hoping that our performance which was prepared with such dedication, imagination and creativity will impress not only the jury but also our peers. Luckily, we managed to achieve our goal by winning this festival. In addition, we won first place in all possible categories: artistic creations, fluency in English, music, scenography, creativity, dynamism.
Furthermore, three of our students: Jakub Bednarz, Antonina Wyszyńska, and Ewa Brzank were awarded special honourable mentions for brilliant artistic performances.
Every year all our plays are presented on the stage of the Jewish Theatre in Warsaw during the Theater Day which is organized by our school.