About the school

The Middle School No. 42 (Gimnazjum Nr 42) is situated in the centre of Warsaw, near the Warsaw Central Railway Station and the Palace of Culture and Science.
It is situated in the area of the pre-war Jewish district (Ghetto). There are also the Synagogue and the Jewish Theatre nearby.

The school has existed since the introduction of the Education Reform in the year 1999. The students are between 13 and 16 years old.

Our School is the Bilingual Middle School.There are two bilingual Polish/English forms in each year, with five English lessons weekly. Teachers in bilingual classes complete the curriculum in Polish and introduce English terminology of their subject.

Students of biblingual classes enter English Drama Competitions each year and are awarded high prizes for their performance. They often go to London on the school trips.

Our school offers a wide range of extracurricular classes and activities to enable students to develop their skills and talents. We go out to the cinema and theatre. The first year students go on class integration trips in September.

The Middle School No. 42 is famous for great achievements of its students in various competitions, particularly in Maths, Physics and German.

English-Polish ExchangeRozwiń

English Theatre Club

All students in our school (not only those from Polish-English classes) have an opportunity to participate in English Theatre Club classes.
The Club was founded in 2008 by Mrs Anna Korzeb, an English teacher from our school. Although the history of our English Theatre Club is not very long, we can boast of some significant successes.
In 2009 our first performance entitled “A Night Out” was awarded a special honourable mention during The Fifth Cracow Festival of School Theatres in English. The festival was organized by the August Witkowski Fifth Secondary School in Cracow. The fact that is really worth mentioning is that we were the only group from a junior high school which took part in this event (and not a secondary school as the other groups). What is more, our performance made a really big impression on the jury, and as a result we won some attractive prizes (such as dictionaries, English books, English maps).

The second big success came in 2011. We did our best to prepare a performance called “Little Red Riding Hood – the Unknown Story”. This time we concentrated on a festival which is only for junior high schools – it was The Tenth Annual Festival of School Theatres in English.
This event is held under the honorary patronage of the British Consul in Poland, and the Ambassador of the United States of America. Other institutions which take this festival under their wings are: Education Office in Łódź, the Centre of Teachers’ Training and Practical Education in Łódź. We went to Łódź hoping that our performance which was prepared with such dedication, imagination and creativity will impress not only the jury but also our peers. Luckily, we managed to achieve our goal by winning this festival. In addition, we won first place in all possible categories: artistic creations, fluency in English, music, scenography, creativity, dynamism.
Furthermore, three of our students: Jakub Bednarz, Antonina Wyszyńska, and Ewa Brzank were awarded special honourable mentions for brilliant artistic performances.
Every year all our plays are presented on the stage of the Jewish Theatre in Warsaw during the Theater Day which is organized by our school.