Europejski dzień języków

Z okazji Europejskiego Dnia Języków, obchodzonego 26 września, uczniowie naszej szkoły i szkoły partnerskiej Saint-John PERSE z Gwadelupy wzięli udział w konkursie, który polegał na napisaniu wiersza o wspólnym tytule "UNDERSTANDING DIVERSITY". Każda szkoła wybrała swoich zwycięzców. Oto rezultat naszej współpracy.
Wszystkim zwycięzcom i uczestnikom gratulujemy pomysłów i umiejętności językowych!



In a world where my heart bleeds
I have the seeds of hope
What can I do? Plant those seeds?

People are at war
People die
I can see the green soil
We need peace…

We love French ham
You like Italian ice cream
They love English jam
And we all have the same dream

We are a French nation
You are a Croatian community
They are a Spanish population
But we are a European family

What is more fantastic than art?
A good dance, a beautiful salsa
And the show can start
Some steps of Mazurka
And we are in a world apart

Sadness is an art to destroy
Ring the peace bell
A weapon is not a toy
But what the hell!!!!

We have to stop fight
No more gun
We are enough bright
To have fun
I’m English
They are American
He is Spanish
And we are friends

There were terror attacks in the world
People died
Peace is such a beautiful word
They should have tried

We all have a wish
We have a dream
English or Spanish
Because we are a team

We are a West Indian girl team
We’d like to discover European towns
We’re all sharing the same dream
We’d like to be European Queens with shining crowns

GIMNAZJUM 42 w Warszawie

There are many different guys
That live in different places
We have to be tolerant
Don't judge people by their faces

Many cultures many dishes
Many different letters
You eat snails and I eat fishes
But it doesn't matter
(Kajetan Garbacki 1h)

The world isn't perfect like we would expect
and it would be better if we could connect.
This place shouldn't select anyone to reject,
nobody should even consider this aspect!

Carefully respecting diversity -
because it doesn't mean disability.
Watching mixing cultures - that fits perfectly
for the definition of modernity.
(Zofia Krupa 2D)

We are beautifully different, both me and you
My hair is rojo, your pelo is yellow
My Augen are green, yours are blue
She is haut, while he is snello.

Our diversity is what we need
Our language and culture makes us who we are
We should always remember about it
Respetáis votre Mannigfaltigkeit, au revoir.
(Kaja Pośnik 2c)

We are different in so many ways
While we all have different faces
Could speak all the lanuages for days
We come in different shapes and races
Wouldn't it be sad
If it was our reality
And everything we had
Was all the same with no variety

So let's start a transformation
Just say no to similarity
This includes every nation
And let's wipe out all disparity
We can start by learning languages
To make this world a better place
So that we can make changes
And give diversity its space
(Maciej Wróblewski 2d)


Roses are red
Violets are blue
We’re eating diffrent bread
But i still like you

We speak diffrent languages
English, German, French
We fry diffrent sausages
But we sit on the same bench
(Mikolaj Gawryś 1h)

Jacline is black
And I’m white
Kai lives in Iraq
And Louis on yaht

Religions are fighting
Rasists want fame
For me that’s disgusting
In fact we’re the same
(Dalia Oziębło 1h)

Wszystkim zwycięzcom i uczestnikom gratulujemy pomysłów i umiejętności językowych!